SEO Off Page Optimization Basic Steps and Techniques

Posted On:   2/6/2014

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is very important factor which is responsible for the ranking of the website. If you follow SEO techniques effectively, then your website may appear at the first page when searched on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. It becomes mandatory to know about SEO tactics.

You can do optimization in two ways, i.e. on page optimization and off page optimization. In this article I will describe about off page optimization.

What is Off Page Optimization?

This is one of the strategies of SEO by which you create back links to your websites. This type of work is done outside of your website to improve the seo rankings as well as visitors. It is very important factor which will raise your sites ranking. You can do back linking by two different ways:

One way: This is the process in which other site link to your site but your site does not link back to that site. It means other site wants his site visitors to have a look on your site as he found your site interesting and useful for the visitors.

Two way: It is also known as link exchange or mutual link. In this, as the name describes, link is exchanged between the sites. You link to another site and that site links to you.

You need to PAY ATTENTION to

1. How many sites are linking to you

2. Anchor text used (hyperlink text)

3. Which type of sites are they, whether it is related to your theme or not

4. Page rank of sites linking to you

Off Page SEO Techniques

There are various methods by which you can apply this tactic. Just bang on these techniques.

1. Forum Posting

2. Comment Posting

3. Social Bookmarking

4. Article Submission

5. Directory Submission

6. RSS Submission

7. Press Release Submission

8. Blog Posting

9. Video Submission

10. Social Media Optimization

11. Classified Ads Submission

Find quality sites for back links. Choose the sites of related theme this will boost your page ranking and always use anchor text. Do not link to the sites that have page rank 0. I think you have got enough of knowledge which will help you in your work.

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