The Top Most Advantages of Using Social Media

Posted On:   2/7/2014

Do you use social media? If not then start it today. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are used by people not only for chatting but they share their ideas with one another. Similarly, social media is used by many websites to gain more traffic.

Social media is the asset for the business, as there are several benefits of using them which are:

Instant Traffic: If you want to get your brand or website more aware, then use Facebook, Pinterest and other sites as they have monthly active users in millions. Hence, using social media will provide you instant traffic.

Increase Your Followers: Many people use internet on smartphones, therefore they often stay online. When they will get your posts, they may be interested in going to the link that you have provided. Get the audience to like or follow you.

Help In Sharing: Sharing plays a great role. If audience found your content interesting, they may share it. So you have to make your content shareable. Provide share buttons so that they can share easily.

No Cost: Social Media are free to use, they do not charge any cost from you. You just need to setup an attractive profile with good information, so that they can become aware of your brand. You can use its features free.

Increases Brand Awareness: They are very helpful in increasing your brand name and people become aware about your brand. About 88% of the marketers have agreed that social media have helped them to grow their brand awareness.

Here is the list of Top 20 Social Media Websites

1. Twitter

2. Google+

3. Facebook

4. YouTube

5. LinkedIn

6. Flickr

7. Tumblr

8. Pinterest

9. Reddit

10. StumbleUpon

11. SlideShare

12. Myspace

13. Delicious

14. Digg

15. Technorati

16. Care2

17. Deviantart

18. Squidoo

19. Ning

20. LiveJournal

Many of the business websites are getting higher ranking because of using social media. Apply the above points and use these sites to promote your site, they are considered to be stepping stones towards the destination.

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