Get List of World’s Most Popular Social Media Sites

Posted On:   2/13/2014

For many people and even for some business, Social Media has been proved to be a boon as they have got lot of benefits of using them. Do you use social media for your business? If not yet then get a quick start today. Social Media sites offer several features, why not to use them for your business!

Top Social Media Sites

Facebook: It was launched in the February 2004. It helps in connecting with your friends, relative, people etc and join networks. It is the top most site of that world which is free but you have to be at least 13 years old to become its member.

Twitter: It was launched in the July 2006. Its focus is on microblogging and it has a text limit of 140 characters. In this, you can follow people of same field to receive their tweets and you can only send and receive messages to the people who are in your network.

LinkedIn: It was launched in the May 2003. It is a platform for the professional ones. They connect, interact and grow. This network can help you to find job, connect with business partners. For joining this site, you have to provide your personal details.

Google+: It was launched in the June 2011. It is used for general purpose. It is another fastest growing social network site which is on 2nd rank. Its users are increasing day by day.

Youtube: It is actually owned by the Google, and is one of the most well known site for the video sharing. Nothing can beat it. One can share music, movies in the videos and then can upload in it.

Foursquare: It was launched in 2009 and it’s a location based social networking site for mobile devices. Registration in it is open for all and it is a private type website. It has 45 million active users.

Tumblr: It is also used for microblogging. Liking, following and reblogging is its ways of interacting. It has 300 million monthly visitors that are unique. It has some similarities with other social sites like twitter and instagram.

Reddit: In this, links are submitted. If the links are liked by most of the people then they will be pushed above and will be visible on the first page. It is actually regarded as a social news website.

Pinterest: It was launched in the 2011. In this you can create different boards and add links to the particular board of the specified theme. You can even save images in it. You can sign up in it with facebook or by email.


StumbleUpon: In this you can submit your pages by clicking on add page option. It is based on the interests. In this, you can choose a category of your interest and then press stumble to load or get a new page.

Myspace, tagged, friendster, meetup, myYearbook, orkut, windows live, classmates, mylife, mocospace, meebo, bebo etc are some sites that are also most popular. Grow your business and make it a brand in this world.


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