Dirty SEO Tricks You Should Totally Avoid

Posted On:   2/19/2014

SEO techniques are the top most way to get noticed by the Google. People, who are in SEO, follow several tactics and techniques to get higher ranking. But, what if you do black hat SEO! This will let your website to get down, surely. There are some crooked tips that you must avoid otherwise be ready to get banned by Google.

1st Trick: Cloaking the Content

It is one of the dirtiest trick in which a website is designed in such a way that it appears W to the search engines and M to visitors. This means search engine sees one content and visitors see the different thing/content. This is often with redirects or programming.

2nd Trick: Duplicate or Not Original Content

Never copy any, even a single line from any other page. Google does not like it. So, do not be like the sites which have same content in different sites. Such sites are known as spam sites. Well, I you do so; for sure you will either get banned or penalized by the Google. So make sure that you have unique content in each of your pages.

3rd Trick: Robots Content Writing

Do not let machine to write the content for your website. Such robots only copy paste the existing content. And at the end when Google catches the content, it will punish you. It is very smart, obviously, it is smarter than you. You can get a good punishment by it. So it is better to write your own content, and let the world know that you too write.

4th Trick: Spamming of Keywords

Using irrelevant keywords or repeating the same keyword over and over again in the content is considered to be the keyword spamming. Use the keywords that relate to your content and do not repeat the same keyword, that too multiple times. Otherwise, most probably your ranking will get lowered by Google.

5th Trick: Hidden Content

Do not hide your content by using font color as the background color. Hiding text in such a way is called as font matching. By doing this type of keyword stuffing will write down your name in the Google’s bad book. It is very smart in finding the hidden content/text. So avoid such techniques of SEO.

Do not include doorway pages i.e. displaying little content and the link in that content leads or redirect to other page, do not distribute malware or viruses, avoid stacking of title and bad link exchanging. Doing all these practices is a sure way to welcome the Google ban your site.

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