Changes of Google Affecting Content Creation

Posted On:   2/21/2014

There is no lie in it that SEO as well as webmasters often worries about Google algorithm updates and changes. It is a big truth that these experts always suffer from headache due to the changes but now it is affecting content creators too. Beneath you will find some changes that are made by Google which is now a great cause of worry for content creators.



Way to Organic Searches

Focusing on the keyword density rates is not worth, now. Attention is moved towards the user’s actions on the website. So, instead of banging on keywords, create a helpful and creative content.

Imaginary Update to the PageRank

PageRank is known to all those who are in SEO. Ranking of one’s website in the search engine results is the PageRank. Google search uses this algorithm. Since 2013, Google has not updated its PageRank meter. Nobody knows when this will get clear. So, stop giving spotlight to page ranking, instead focus on gaining audience and become powerful in your own theme. Drive traffic by attracting visitors, be their favorite.


Google recently updated algorithm i.e. Hummingbird that was released in the September 2013. Again, hitting on the keywords will be useful. There is no doubt that hummingbird is still developing but your focus should be on Google. It wants to talk to you. So make concepts and conversations as your hub. This is what Google wants from you. Further, it is setting significant endeavor in making the search meaningful that focuses on conversations and relationships, but less on keyword.

Google using your Profile for Ranking

It is said that for ranking you, Google will see your author profile and then it will find out the authority. Further it will check the quality of the content, obviously for ranking. It can also view your social profile just to measure the shares or likes of an article. Then Google will rank high to that article which has an author.

Content Creators

Lastly, following the guidelines for content creation is the only option left. Content should be clear, readable and in easy or plain English. It should be informative also and keeping links in a fair number.

Conclusion: Clarification of the content is the only target. The basic concept is to have a unique and quality content. When Google will see your educational content, it will automatically roll up it to the higher rank.

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