7 Ways to Improve Website’s Google Ranking

Posted On:   2/24/2014

The question is how to increase the website’s ranking in the Google. There are several factors by which Google ranks a page. Google’s algorithm keeps on changing time by time, but there are some strategies that can help you. Here are some tactics that you should employ.

Strategy 1) Keyword

Choose right keyword, or you can research for keywords also. Just imagine how can a user search a particular query and set that query as your keyword. Do not focus on the single word, make good keyword phrases. You should target the right keywords.

Strategy 2) Density

The main thing that you cannot hide from the Google is keyword density. Do not think yourself smart or trick the search engines by hiding your overuse keywords. If you do this, Google may ban your website. So don’t repeat keywords.

Strategy 3) Robots.txt File

Creating a tobots.txt file for your website will be a smart idea as by this file you will have a power to block the search engine spiders from crawling some part of your website. If you want search engine to index everything on your website that you can leave robots file empty.

Strategy 4) Title Tag

Make your title tag attractive because Google focus on title of the page, it gives weight to it. I am talking about the title tag in the head part of your page. Title should be a short description of content in few words.

Strategy 5) Site Map

If you discover that Google has not indexed some of your pages then it will be better to create a site map for your website. This will be beneficial for you as well as for the audience too.

Strategy 6) Links

Google never ignore the links that are present on your website. One great tip that I am giving you here is, do not write like this: click here to know more about optimization, instead you should write: read more about optimization. Give link on this text: read more about optimization rather than giving the link on the text: click here.

Strategy 7) Social Network

At last, the most common and effective strategy is to make use of social networking sites. There are lots of social media sites which will provide you huge traffic and also helps in promoting your site. Use Google+, it is the best.

You can improve you position in Google by following above mentioned tips. Do not waste your time in any other strategies. You can use one seo tool, i.e. online url opener tool in saving your time for uncountable work.

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