Social Media Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Posted On:   3/1/2014

Social Media Marketing is considered as an asset in the world of internet marketing and for SEO, it is a boon. Social media is the platform which is well known for the conversations between friends, family, etc but it holds more services for the SEO.

As I said it holds services for the SEO but do you know that there are social media mistakes that are done on large scale and they should be avoided as the mistakes are the errors which will cost you a lot.

Irregularity in Posting

Promote your page by updating it daily. Posting one or two times in a week will move you out from their minds. Remember that audience has liked your page because they find useful information in it. Daily activity is a good practice.

Less Innovative

You need to be creative. For example, add something in your posts that can motivate them, shock them or you can also give them an offer. Catch the audience attention by doing something unique and do give them chance to ask you questions.

No Holding Please

This is the biggest mistake. Never put your followers or audience on hold. They want quick replies from you. Do not judge their tolerance. Ignoring them will make you to lose some plus. So it should be avoided at any cost.

Long Boring Text

There are lots of users that uses internet on their smart phones. So keep them in mind while posting anything. Like Twitter has a limit but other sites do not, so it is better to provide them information via links. Also they do not have enough time to read a long content.

Bad Profiles

It is essential to make a correct profiles so that it can give right information to your followers otherwise no one will even like your page, what to ask about posts. So dear guys make your profile a healthy profile by providing suitable information about you and use some interactive graphics.

Be Real

It is mandatory to provide your audience a real value and a real content. For example, writing low price or more features of a product and when they order your product, they get shock when they see reality.

Never miss the point, Social. People use social networks and come to only those groups or pages that not only sell products but also let them to do chit chat by meeting new people. They can even learn new things. So guys avoid these blunders and do the best.

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