Major SEO On Page Optimization Factors

Posted On:   3/3/2014

The day has come when you have to work on internet, not on pages. Each and every person is involved in some work and if you own a business or a website, then for sure you have to use internet to do the marketing of what you do. Seo is a technique that is used to expand your business in the world. On page and off page are its tactics that is widely used. You can read about off page factors in another blog of this site. Here you will find some seo on page factors that matters in your website.

Titles of the Pages

It is one of the most important factors in the website. Its character limit is of 70 characters (roughly). Google firstly focus on the title of the page. Also, when someone types a query in the search engine, title will be firstly displayed. So, make your title informative so that it can be picked up by search engines. You can also use keywords in the title. Never use words such as, ‘the, a, or, and’ in your title. Keep it short as well as concise.

Meta Description of the Pages

Though meta descriptions are not used in the ranking algorithms now, but do you know that it can enhance your conversation rates! So provide valuable information in it also. Again, you can use keywords in it but make sure not to overuse the keywords. Keep it straight forward and to the point. Give some weight to the keywords in it.

Alt Tag Creation

You should optimize all the images which are displayed on your website because by doing so, you can obtain additional traffic. What else you want! So, optimize your images with the suitable alt tags. Make sure that each image on your website has an alt tags, keyword phrased just write the description.

Content Optimization

Like above points, content of the website should also be optimized. Do not forget to use targeted keywords as this will tell the search engine that your website is associated with particular keyword. Never overuse the keywords as to such practices, search engine see it as a spam. So, write for human eye, not for a machine.

These are some of the basic factors that you must know about seo tactics. There are many more factors but these are very important points that should be noted. Follow good seo practices and avoid the spammy ones.

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