SEO Basic Tips that are Essential When Optimizing Your Site

Posted On:   3/7/2014

SEO is an essential part that anybody cannot afford to miss. Search engine optimization helps in providing you the place in the kingdom of internet marketing. If it is done properly, you can be on the top list of search engine’s result. SEO is a way by which you communicate with the search engine. Here are some important tips that most of the SEO professional’s follows.


There are some typical questions that must be answered before you go ahead. Set your

1) Plan

2) Goals

3) Strategies

Did you get the answer from yourself? Alright, now read beneath.



Google and other search engines do their task very effectively and they give their best to all the people who search query in them. They provide relevant information to the user’s according to their query.

So it is obvious that the foremost thing that search engine will look in your website is the content. Content on the pages along with titles and meta descriptions are checked by the search engine spiders. So make sure that your text and other things (titles, descriptions) are providing valuable information.

Another thing that it will look is the performance of your site. Execute your website in such a way that it works in a proper condition and does not take much time in loading, otherwise user will jump to another site.

One more factor that they look is the safety. They see that is your website look safe and is it easy to move!


If the keywords are used again and again in the content, i.e. keyword stuffing, your site will be highly affected by the disease of overuse of keywords. Search engine will declare you the patient, and then you have to go to the doctor (SEO specialist) to cure your site.

Secondly, do not display too many advertisements on your site. By doing so, you yourself will create a barrier between the content of your site and the audience. They will find hindrance in getting the text they are searching for.

Lastly, never and never buy links. It is a worst practice that many of the sites do. Be careful.


Do not forget the smart phones users and tablet users. Keep them in your mind and optimize your site for them also. Most of the people uses internet on their smart phones and tablets. They stay connected with internet with their portable devices. Just think how much loss you will welcome if your site will not be optimized! Remember to add great graphics and videos,

So, greetings to you as following these natural tips will bring more customers to you, drive more traffic to your website, and will spread your name in the zone of internet.

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