Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014

Posted On:   3/12/2014

Social Media Marketing or SMM is becoming popular these days. It is the major platform which can raise your website ranking. As Google changes its algorithm, SEO also needs to search for the new trends. Here are top social media marketing trends in 2014:

Pay and Play

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter has developed self serve ads. Obtaining more likes will bring a large crowd to your websites. So it is becoming necessary factor.

Visual Social Stage

Now it is a kind of serious contender in the world of social media marketing due to cheap and high speed wireless networks, market penetration of tablets and smart phones.


To have a Facebook page or Twitter page is not enough. You need to put efforts on that page by making some social media marketing plans.

Social Media and Content Publishing

They both are synergistic cousins, realized by the brands and businesses. Just create a multimedia content and then share it on the social network, hence starting global conversations.

Social Mobile

It is becoming mandatory as mobile users are growing rapidly. So it is important to optimize the social content for mobile. Make sure that blogs, images and videos are easily viewed on tablets as well as smart phones.

Visual Content Marketing

Instagram, Pinterest and Vine are focused visual media social networks. Emergence of this platforms and trends are new forms that are bringing brand awareness.

Social Media Automation

Sprinklr, a new emerging start ups is providing help to many brands to do the digital and social media marketing effectively.

Online Influencers

Their authority is increasing. The first movers to allocate some credibility to online influencers were, Klout and Kred.

Google Glass

It promises to do social too fast. Samsung is also trying to get starting line position. Let us see what happens.

SEO is considered to be very important for the business and page rankings are the vital part that boosts your business. Advertisers need to promote their websites or business by following the latest trends.

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