Best Ways to Increase Traffic From Google Without Building Links

Posted On:   3/15/2014

Many people think that link building and social media marketing is the only key to success in gaining visitors. As SEO is most important factor, it can be done either on the off page or on the on page. Doing off page SEO is the back bone of any business. But there are several ways of increasing traffic which you will get to know in this post.

Smartphone SEO

Make your website keeping Smartphone users in your mind as huge crowd uses Smartphone today. Make sure that your site does not hold Smartphone error, which are: pop ups which are not closed on the mobile easily, redirecting users to wrong mobile URL, embedding video which does not play on some particular phones. So, make your site responsive otherwise it will lower the search engine results for mobile enquiries.

Improving user satisfaction

Yes it is very important as Google measures the satisfaction as users click on search results and if users retain on your site for long time then this means your site is not of low quality and Google’s Panda algorithm will not punish your site. Another idea is that if users get the effective information from your site and does not go back to Google to search for their answer, then that will be a bonus for you.

Google Authorship

Being real always matters a lot. Use your real face, not any cartoon. Not even the company logo. Using high contrast colors will be beneficial as it will make some difference with the background color. As I said use real face, you have to think over it what image you should upload. Suppose you own a hotel management site, if you look like a doctor in the image that you have used, then nobody will click on you. Google ponder over the author’s photo so it should be real and appropriate.

Social Comments with Google+

Enlarge your Google plus. This is a great platform of sharing content as your network can see your post every time they search Google whereas in other social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, your followers will see your oist only when they are looking. Share your content regularly and often on the Google plus but your content should be good. You can post videos or rich snippets to direct one’s eye towards you.

Update Fresh Content

Although content is the king but it may go stale as the time passes. So, update your content on frequent intervals of time. Never stop the earning of links otherwise Google may think that you are no longer using your site, and then it will put your site out of the zone. Google sees the amount of the content that you change, counts the pages that you create over time, inception date and how often you update the content of your site.

When Google changes its algorithm, SEO experts often gets into the room of thinking about what tactics to follow. Yes, I agree that SEO becomes more complex with it but what you can do is the work.

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