A Quick Short Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Posted On:   3/18/2014

Affiliate Marketing is simply a way of making money online in which publishers are rewarded for helping a business by promoting their product and site. It is a kind of task in which three people take part i.e. advertiser, publisher and consumer. It allows any online business to affiliate themselves with affiliates using affiliate programs. These affiliates make money by promoting sales or leads and generating traffic for the merchants business.

There are actually different types of affiliate program commission payment models that you will get to know here:

Cost Per Sale (CPA)

A person who is referred by the affiliate, when he purchases goods and services from the merchant then this payment structure is referred to as - cost per sale or cost per acquisition (CPA). For example, i told you about the product of a company and you go to the company to purchase that product. This type of structure is called as cost per sale.

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

A person who is referred by the affiliate, when he completes a form on the merchant’s web site then this payment structure is referred to as - cost per lead (CPL). For example, i told you abou the product and the company, you go to that company website, fills the form and buy the product, this type of structure is known as cost per lead.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

When a person to the affiliate’s web site clicks on a merchant's banner and visits the merchant's website then this payment structure is referred to as - cost per click (CPC). For example,suppose you are on my website, and you saw an advertisement here, if you will click on that banner(ad by another website), you will automatically be taken to that website, this type of structure is known as cost per click.

Affiliate marketing refers to the programs which are actually made to reward independent marketers when they send business to the company and these rewards can be cash, paid like a commission, but can also be other items as well, such as free products. Affiliate marketing is very popular income source for the bloggers, but it can be used by the different types of people.

Affiliate marketing programs works wonder for both, i.e. the company and affiliate member. This type of marketing helps a business or company to get their products and services in front of a targeted audience. By doing so, the affiliate marketers are able to earn rewards, usually money, and builds up a great reputation with the affiliate company.

How to do Affiliate Marketing?

If you wish to get started with this kind of marketing, you can follow these simple steps:

Choosing A Program

Firstly, you have to decide in which type of affiliate program you want to get involved. You can choose the affiliate company that matches to your skills. Suppose if you have a blog about health, you can consider any herbal product company so that your audience also gets benefited by it.

Apply & Get Accepted

You have to do some research before getting started as almost every affiliate program has their own process. Many affiliate programs accept the applicants according to the qualification where as some opens up the registration several times of the year. So make sure that you qualify.

Start Advertising

When you are approved, you can use your existing blog, social media pages, website, or email lists to start driving consumers in the direction of the affiliate site for which you have started working now.

Regular Updates

Do not forget to update your links, ads and information regularly to ensure that you get credit for each person directing towards the destination. You should see your marketing strategies so that you can determine what sources are generating more affiliate rewards and what are not. So you have to adjust accordingly.

At last, receive your rewards and enjoy. You are enjoying because you earned a commission and the company is also happy as they got a new customer. Also, customer is happy as they got the valuable product.

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