Valuable Information About Google Hummingbird Update

Posted On:   3/21/2014

Google’s another update i.e. Hummingbird is quite different from the other updates in the past. This is an outstanding update as it has totally changed the style of receiving traffic. Now, it is focusing on the returning accurate results.

How can you take advantages of Google Hummingbird update?

As now Google is returning answers to the questions of users so it is better to write the content which is based on question and answers. You can take the example of Yahoo Answers format. Similarly, you can do like this. Add such content that ask questions and give answers too. Do not focus on keywords and on keyword density. Concentrate on adding content that you think visitors will type that query in the search engines. Give proper detail of the question and answer. Clear the doubts of visitors and I said give proper detail that means provide something unique to your visitors which they cannot find anywhere else. You can get live example here on this post. As I am asking and I am giving answers. Make your content like this so that visitors can retain on your site for long time.
I could write this post in the long paragraphs but I adopted the way that Google likes viz. asking questions and providing answers. Do you like it?

Another question is how you can format your website to improve search results?

If you are a site owner, change your content in the question and answer format. Also, make sure that your website is mobile friendly. As now, many users are using Smartphone’s and tablets. Make your images load faster, easy navigation, scaled down content so that mobile users can view your site without any hindrance. Make the processing of your site so fast so that it can load faster on the mobile devices. Hummingbird update is now focusing on conversational queries which several users are imputing using the voice on mobile devices and this is an essential extension as optimizing for the mobile devices will improve your search results as well as position too. Isn’t it great?

What is the Benefit?

It has a great advantage, as when you will create mobile site, you will boost your chances of showing your website in the mobile searches. As I said above, today there are lots of Smartphones and mobile users and it is a vast part of total search volume. You know, Google is looking for domain authority, so if you improve your site to target mobile, you will get benefits in the traditional search results. So, try to improve your domain authority in any one area. This will be best as it will be going to take it over into other areas.


Add the content that contains question and answer are in your website and expand the domain authority. These two is going to give you a lot as this is one of the tactic that Google uses to look domain authority which is the amount of time visitors spend on your website. If visitors spend much time on your site, your domain authority will get improve and also your metrics. So provide the quality and unique information that people are looking for.
These were some valuable things that you should know about the Google Hummingbird update. So, start working now to attain good position of your site in the search results.

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