Ways to Write Content that is Google Hummingbird Friendly

Posted On:   3/22/2014

We all know the new algorithm of Google i.e. Hummingbird which looks after each single word written in the query. Focus of Google Hummingbird is on the entire query now, not on just words. Here are some important tips that content writers should not neglect while writing the content that is based on Google Hummingbird algorithm.

1) Focus on writing the content that remains usable. Such content has a long life and is long lasting. Writing such content get attention of a large audience. The art of long lasting content is that people often search it. When it happens, the ranking of the page gets strengthens on the Google. Thus, spiders of Google crawls that content or page daily. The reason is its popularity. Therefore, such content has a great chance to retain on the top of search results.

2) Secondly, concentrate on the content which is informative as well as valuable to the users. It should teach the visitors something new. Your content should provide some knowledge to all those who read it. Posts, which ask queries and give answers itself, are quite famous among the users. This is because, such content provides the detail information and it gains eyes of people as that content is going to help them a lot. They are getting knowledge and learning something new as well as important then who will not like such content!

3) The best way is to talk about the truth i.e. the content you are writing, what is providing to the users. You can even talk about the stuffs. This type of content is Google Hummingbird friendly content. It is true that Google don’t get much attract by social content at this moment but soon it is going to pick them. This is going to give a great impression of your content on the Google rankings.

4) Do you know Google Hummingbird is giving you the chance to provide a relevant as well as unique content on the website! Why not to have a FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page on the website! It will let you to put so much of content. The demand is, content should be educational and should answer the questions in the best possible way. Include questions and answers in your content which you think your target audience will query in search engines. Do not for get to use keywords (long tail) in your question and answers content. This will make your content very much Hummingbird friendly.

5) Do not write superficial articles as Google likes those article that are in depth i.e. provides basic and very much valuable knowledge about certain topic. Google gives more value to the in-depth articles instead of the superficial one’s.

Conclusion: Writing Google Hummingbird friendly content is not a difficult task. Keep the above points in mind while writing any article. For more details you can refer to our other blogs in which you will get to know how to format your website to improve your search results. Feel free to leave your comment.

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