Get to Know About Google PageRank and Its Importance

Posted On:   3/24/2014

PR or PageRank is a kind of mathematical process which is based on the links that are pointing to the webpage. It was started as a research project at the Stanford University. It was actually an initial pattern which led to the formation of Google in 1998. Google uses it to rank pages in the search results. It used to have a significant importance but now it does not have much of it.

Importance of PageRank

This process is based on such system that links are considered to be like votes and these votes are not of equal strength. The main concept behind this is, the strength of link depends upon the number and strength of links that that direct to the age where the link is and how many other links/votes there are, on the particular page. When you try to find good links website then this information can be of importance as well as valuable.

Division of PageRank

A page should contain fewer links, for example, a link on a page with 20 links gets more authority than if the same page would have had 60 links.
In reality, Google does not distribute the authority equally to all the links but it determines which links is to have more knowledge. So it is clear that, a link in the body or content of the page will have more authority than the same link if it would have been at the bottom of the page.

When you search any query on the Google search engine, you might have noticed that pagerank show up the results on a scale from 1 to 10. By this, it is obvious to know that Google publishes public a value of PR on the scale from one to ten. It is known as Toolbar PageRank (TBPR). Did you know that exact value of Pagerank is a decimal number?

RageRank value is updated all the time and the value of Toolbar PR is actually based in the past data. It is updated only about four times in a year. Google do one task to combat any manipulation and that task is, when the value has just been updated, that value is taken from a time about 1 month previous.

Another thing about scale is that the sale between one to ten is logarithmic. This means the difference between five and six is equal to the difference between zero to five. Also, distance between nine and ten is as large as zero to nine. It is just an example to clear it to you. There are some hundred pages on the net which has a value of ten as TBPR.

Importance of PageRank TODAY

There are different signals of Google and PageRank is one of over two hundred different signals. And, many signals have much more importance and can involve the content, looks of links in, domain’s history and the way the page links are designed. So, now you can well imagine the stage of high and low PageRank. It will have a great impact in the search results. Thus, it is very much important to know how PageRank works.

Many think that search result page rank is same as PageRank but it is not true. PageRank is defined as the rank where your page shows up in the search result. I hope now they are clear with it, especially the novice. Beneath you will get the formula for finding PageRank.

I hope this blog have added much knowledge to you. You should be aware as well as clear about the attributes of Google. Share this valuable post with others, especially with the novice. Thank you.

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