Applying Google Analytics To Improve Your Sale

Posted On:   3/25/2014

Google Analytics is a great and most valuable tool. It is quite famous among webmasters. But do you know it can enhance your sales? Yes, it can. Google Analytics are especially useful for the ecommerce websites. By using it, you will get to know that how good you are performing. Here are few things that you can do to improve your sale.

1# Earnings per Keyword

With the help of Google Analytics ecommerce tracking, you can check that a particular is bringing how many sales and how much dollars of earnings each keyword is actually bringing. There are some keywords that have much higher commercial value than others as they have a capability to drive more earnings. So, pay more emphasis on your most successful keywords.

2# Exit Pages

This is the page where the visitor has left your website. If you notice that the visitors are leaving your website via a particular page then it is better to make some changes on that page as it is not liked by the audience. If that page is feedback page or newsletter page, alter it somehow.

3# Device Used

Websites should be responsive. It can put a great impact on your site that how the users access your website. If mobile users access your site more than the desktop users then it is better to optimize your site accordingly. It is obvious not to hesitate in spending much on the development cost to design your site according to the traffic.

4# Social Media Tracking and Behavior

Google Analytics can tell you that what products of your websites are popular. It will let you know this by the pages on which users spend more time. It actually depends upon how the users respond to your particular product. You can determine many factors from it like if any of your pages is shared in large amount but still your selling is not well then you can check what is there to look at.

5# Conversion Rate and Revenue

You must be tracking these two metrics i.e. conversion rate and revenue, on Google Analytics because they will allow you to check about your marketing efforts i.e. are they successful or not!

6# Earning per Landing Page

You can drive traffic to the pages that are acting as the better converting pages because such pages are better at converting than the other pages. So it will be smart idea to avoid improving those pages that are not doing well.

7# Bounce Rate

You can get to know much about the specific areas of your site to which the users respond. It will tell you the percentage of single page visits. There are many reasons that contribute to it such as user may leave to your website from the main page if he does not like the site design.

8# Promotions and Campaigns

If you have an ecommerce website then occasional promotion and campaign are must to do. Make sure that you trace the order size, earnings and other main metrics to evaluate how good it is doing.

More exciting things about Google Analytics you will get in to know in the other series.

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