Using Google Analytics To Help In Bringing Your Internet Marketing To High Level

Posted On:   3/26/2014

It is obvious that you have worked hard on the website. Keywords, online advertising, social media strategy, all are in the place. Now what you should do? It is a time to determine and watch the customers knock, either on your website or on your door. Using analytics will make you sure about how your website is actually performing. Here are some valuable information that will help you, just read beneath.

Google Analytics for Websites

Have You Installed Google Analytics?

Make sure that you have it, when your website is being developed. If you feel comfortable, you can install Google Analytics yourself. Otherwise get webmaster for your site. Many business owners follow this strategy only. They handover their Google account and UA number to their webmaster. You can also do the same.

Move On To Next Step

Set up your goals. With the help of Google Analytics, you can set up a landing goal i.e. you can choose the page by yourself where you want your users to go on your site. It depends upon you that from where you want to get the clicks, through main page, contact us page or through feedback page. It is better to get the clicks from that page where you have products, so that user can take at least 10 to 15 minutes to look at your products. Do you know you can set all these in the conversation section of your Google Analytics account! And if you do so, it will make easy for you to read your report. Also, you can identify the problems that are creating hindrances in your goals.

Read Specific Areas Of Your Report Frequently

How will you come to know that whether the efforts you are doing for your websites are working good or not! Obviously, to know about all these you are using Google Analytics. It is a good practice to go through your report weekly. You can see the ups and downs of your visitor chart. By this, you can determine that during which days your site has driven more traffic. Were you working hard on those days when your site got more clicks! And now, is that curve increasing? You can measure your potentials day by day and this ease is provided only by Google Analytics. Further, you can see which keywords are bringing your organic Google searches. Which page is getting more traffic? Are the users getting valuable information on that page? How can you improve that page or content? Another important context is social media. You can get huge traffic from popular social media sites. If social media are driving more traffic back to your website then that means you are doing well otherwise you have to look after your work. Make your social media strategies strong as it is a powerful tactic that will rise up your site.

Google Analytics for increasing sale

Is There Any Trouble?

Getting no visitors or no new visitors will be the troublesome. Getting high bounce rate is another big trouble. You have to think like going on tenth floor with stairs. Isn’t it hard? Now you have to be desperate in moving up your site. Sit with the SEO expert and take time in developing strategies that can act as a supplement to your website. If you have done recent changes in your site such as updating content, applied new SEO techniques, then have patience for some time as search engine optimization process does not show overnight results. You have to wait for six to eight weeks, if no increment happens; then you must seek for the help.

Google Analytics will provide you more information about your website especially about the sites performance. Start analyzing your site performance by keeping this tutorial in your mind.

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