Who Said SEO is Dying in 2014

Posted On:   3/27/2014

SEO does not mean brushing some low or less quality websites to attain a higher rank. If it is actually the truth, then we would be glad to see it leaving. Let us discuss that SEO is DYING, DEAD or ALIVE.

From some professionals view, SEO is not dying. In fact there are some malpractices in domain that will die out. Only the trend is changing. There were certain things which were producing some results but those things are now vice versa, i.e. not effective.

SEO Strategy 2014

This thing is advantageous too. As Google changed its algorithm, updated the new one i.e. Google Hummingbird. Things have changed in SEO and this will help those people who were engaged in the online media practices to get rid of counterproductive strategies at any cost.

Dodge Link Spamming

In SEO, from long time, experts have used automated tools for building several automated back links. This was just like creating short cuts for useful efforts that many experts place into their work. Many expected that this kind of tactic will get back gear this year and if anyone uses it, they will be murdering their own website.

Discourage Content Spinning

We all know that who is the king! Obviously content. Content is the king. And now, content writers charge. Many follow content spinning practices which will surely result in low power. It is very had to replace the quality content. Although such practices saves money along with time. And many time such thing hide themselves from the copyscape tools. But do not you know how powerful the search engines are! These strategies are for sure to die out at the end of the work.

Shun Link Networks

This point will make you laugh. Many say that they will build back links (non-detectable) search engines like Google will not be able to find them. So here is the question for those genius, there is one question, they build such back links, okay, but when search engines will not be able to find such links then how they will aid in getting ranking. The biggest drawback is that it is a black hat technique. Another question is what exactly you want from your profile, profit or loss! Do you know search engines like Google are going to get these links. Their other step will be devaluating these so called wonderful links. Such tactics is no longer helpful in 2014.

Dismiss Press Release Spam

In 2012 and 2013, press releases were a hot topic. It was effective by submitting press release with each blog post. But later on, many wicked people started abusing it. And then what Google did it, do you know? Google started devaluating these submissions. PR spam is out now, but high quality press releases for outstanding events are still given value.


What are your strategies? Do you feel that your strategies are not working or they have died? Or do you feel that your optimization strategies are actually harming you? Well, that’s all depends upon you. How you work and what are your strategies, you only know this. But make sure that you are away from some toxic search engine optimization strategies. Such strategies are press release spam, content spinning, link spamming and link networks. At present, there are various SEO techniques. You can choose today seo practices and following latest tactics will bring you more profit than other ethical techniques.

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