Top URL Opener Tools that Open Multiple Websites Only on One Click

Posted On:   4/1/2014

Are you the SEO professional? Do you waste much of your time in opening several websites differently? In this blog you will get the solution to your problem. Being in the profession of SEO I can understand how important the time is. When doing submission on various websites, it consumes lot of time in copying the link of the website from the file and then pasting it into the url. This is a time consuming process. Now the question is how you can save your time. To ease you in your work, there are various tools that are available online. Here is the list of tools that you can make use in your work.

Open multiple websites

1) onlineurlopener.com

Do you know, at this moment you are on this tool. You can get much about this tool in the main page. There you will get detailed information about how to use this tool and how you can save your links for future use and what extra functionality it is providing to you. Let me provide you some short information. Using this tool will save your lot of time. You can open as many links you like and that too on the single click. Make use of Add, Open all and Save buttons for performing different functions.

2) urlopener.com

When you will search on the Google by typing query URL Opener, you will get this website on the top results of Google. Now, let me tell you how to use this website. Again, in this you can open multiple websites in it. What you have to do is just to paste the websites or URLs in field that is provided there. Then you just need to click on Submit button. This submit button will pop up all the websites at once. For more information about it, visit on this site.

3) weburlopener.com

It is a package of tools i.e. along with URL opener; it also offers some tools that are quite useful for webmasters as well as bloggers. It provides free onpage analysis, sitemap.xml checker, out bound link viewer, Google back link count, meta tag extractor, search engine index checker, robots.txt checker and many more free SEO tools. Go to the site and use exciting tools for free.

4) openmultipleurl.com

It also provides the same function. It is the same tool like the above mentioned tools but it provide only one function, i.e. opening bulk URLs at single click. Enter the sites or URLs that you like to open. When you submit all the websites then simply click on Go button. This will open all the bulk URLs at once.

5) linkopener.com

This is another tool that offers same service i.e. opening multiple websites at the same time. This tool looks so simple. On this tool you will get text area box. Copy the links and paste them on the text area. As soon as you click on Submit button, you will be automatically moved to another page, where you will find the URLs that you have entered. Then it’s your choice, either open the URLs one by one or click on the Open all button to open all the selected websites at same time.

Although all these tools are very useful but you should try each tool. These tools are especially meant to help the webmasters, bloggers as well as SEO professionals. Try these tools and share these tools with others. For any query, please feel free to comment below in the comment section. Share this post and let others make use of these tools.

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