Blogging By Keeping SEO Tactics in Mind

Posted On:   4/2/2014

Dear Bloggers, this post is dedicated to you all. We all know that content is the king and if website has a SEO friendly content then that site can appear in the top results of search engines. But there are some SEO tactics that should be kept in mind when blogging. There are major benefits of blogging with keeping SEO in mind. By doing so, your customers will be able to find you through search. Follow these simple and easy steps.


Choosing Keywords

It is the most important aspect and now the pattern has been changed. Instead of writing one word such as Heart, write natural cure for heart or home remedies to treat heart problem. Use long tail keywords and choose the one that you think your audience will query on the search engine. If you follow this tactic, you site will be able to rank high in specific searches.

Is it Relevant?

So, you have selected the keywords now. Do you think that they are relevant? It is very much obvious not to have irrelevant keywords that are broad. I strongly suggest you not to do that. Never do that. Never. Following such practices will get you nothing. Choose the keywords that are describes your niche.

Including Variations of the Keyword

As we all know that Google has a new update i.e. Google Hummingbird. This update chooses the conversations like asking queries and giving answers to the queries. Traditionally, it used to pick up the keywords only, but now its algorithm is changes so it focuses on conversations. You can see the example in first point. You should include queries as well as answers in the content. That will be the best practice.

Avoid Stuffing of Keywords

This is a very bad practice that most of the bloggers do. You should stick only on 1 or 2 keywords per post of the blog. Do not mention the keyword in each paragraph, it will slowly kill the content. Well it depends upon the content of length. If your content is of 500 words, then do not use one keyword more than two times and distribute them evenly throughout blog post.

Are you a Slave of the Keyword

Never be a slave to the keyword. Your focus should be on attracting the eyes of visitors not of the search engine bots. Provide valuable content to your audience. Content should be pleasant as well as easy to read. Who are more important to you? Audience or search engines? I do not know will be your reply but I would say, audience should be more important. So write the content keeping them in mind, i.e. write content for readers not for the search engines. I agree that it should be SEO friendly but it should be valuable to the readers too.


How to Load Blog in the Content Management System?

Here are some areas in the blog backend which actually need your keyword.

SEO Meta Elements

There are three elements; I will discuss them one by one.

First is Title, this is quite different from the title of the blog. It is must that you should include your keyword in it. So, by optimizing title that has a more searchable phrase, you will get web traffic for sure. This title is more important than you blog’s title as in your blog title, your title may not exactly be that phrase which audience are looking for.

Second one is Description, whose maximum field is 165 and here you can provide a summary of your blog post. It is important to include keyword in it. Also, it should be interesting as well as attractive, so that audience reads and they become interested to click on it.

Third is the Keywords, this field is used by search engine very rare but it act as a reminder that tells about your target keywords.

Further, picture naming, on page links, headers and special fonts should be included in the blog properly by keeping above thinks in mind.

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