Errors in Website That Can Destroy Your SEO

Posted On:   4/3/2014

Effective SEO is what a website actually requires. If the SEO is not effective then no matter how good your products are, no one will get to know about it. There are few things that have a great impact on the ranking of website on search engine which are, sharing of links, regular content update and quality on site content. Well here in this post I am discussing about some hidden errors of your website that can destroy your progress.


No linking of other content on website

Search engine gives will take your website as a legitimate if there are links in your content i.e. linking to other pages within a website. So it is better that you go through your site and place links in the content where you find them suitable. You can even cross link to special offers, contact information, product and services page etc. Find ways so that visitors can keep clicking within site.

Using images instead of information

I have seen many websites that just upload images for their page titles, location and for business logo also. See search engines look for important information. If your site contains valuable content, then it will make your site seem trusted and search engines will take interest in your website. Do not forget that search engines crawl the entire website, so do not only upload images. Content is the king now, so have a valuable content. It is not like that I am discouraging you from uploading images, I just said to provide important information. If you are using images then make sure that you update your meta tags with right information so that it is also meaningful.

Not using pretty permalinks

Another important thing is to have a pretty permalinks. Having long urls that contains id numbers or string of characters are not liked by search engines. Make sure that they read like plain English text such as “http://onlineurlopener.com/SeoToolList”. Permalinks shout contain keywords in it as such urls are highly favored by search engines. So, look at the urls of your website pages and if it is not like that as mentioned above then talk to your webmaster. He will update your links so that it can give information, not just the string of characters or numbers. So, make sure that you have a pretty permalinks.

Random keyword use

Keywords are the most important part of SEO. If they are not appropriate, you will not get any chance to come in the list of search engine results. Using wrong keywords or overuse of keywords both are bad practices. So, it becomes mandatory to have a list of relevant as well as important keywords according to your niche so that your targeted audience many find you through internet. As I said in above lines that overuse of keywords is not a good practice. I said it because adopting such tactic will cause search engine to get doubtful of the content of your website. So use less keywords in your content. Also, content should be informative. Read all pages of your website and filter the content so that readers can get useful as well as relevant information.


Page errors and dead links

Websites that have dead pages or outdated links are not liked by search engines. It is very important to determine that does your website contain any of the dead links or pages. So, go to the backend of your website and identify such links that are not working. Remove such links update your site.

Using too much flash animation attracts eyes of humans but not of search engines as they find hindrance in crawling it. Try not to use it. All these errors are critical ones. Avoid them to enter in your SEO tactics.

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