Top Reasons to Avoid Foreign SEO Content Writing Services

Posted On:   4/7/2014

Do you know there are cheat cost of SEO content writing services which are being offered in many countries. Several business owners start their work by making use of foreign businesses. In India, there are cheap costs of SEO writing services and no one can compete them with such lower prices. Well, there are some reasons which will make you to understand that foreign SEO content writing services should be avoided.

Quality: The thing that you must keep in mind is that, you get what you pay for, actually. Market is full of content writers and they get a lot of business from American companies. So, you are not only the one who is searching for online marketing services that are cheap. As we all know, China is making cheap products and they are continuing it in the mass production by keeping the buyers demands in their mind, well why not they do so, and because to this, Americans are complaining from the past 10 years. Same is the case here; foreign content writers must produce copy of web for those companies which contract them. And do you know this is actually resulting in the very poor constructed content of the web.

Inconvenience: When you deal with the content writer that belongs to your own country then it becomes quite easy to resolve the issues. Many issues can be resolved simply by a phone call. English is known by everyone in today’s world so while dealing with the native English speaker, you can quickly resolve the issues but it is not as same as in another cases. When you talk to foreign content writers, there is a communication gap. Email is not a good way to do quick chat. Many use Skype to communicate with the Foreign Service providers. But still, there is a big communication gap, you cannot resolve issues on chat, calling on another side of world will cost a lot. Although there are free video and audio calling system but one cannot perfectly talk to foreign peoples. Apart from language issues, there are timings differences. When you contact to foreign client, you are working either too late or very early. This is the most common problem.

Language Problem: Again, I said in above point, there are language issues while communicating, now let me tell it you in brief. There is no doubt that most of the people speak fluent English, but still there are some context, anecdotes and expressions that will vary from country to country. It is not like that if you are good at English or have good grammar and vocabulary, you can write content. In fact in content writing, the most important thing is to write the content in the familiar manner and engage the audience in the relatable manner. First thing is, if the content is not presented attractively then no one will read the content and another thing is that if the content contains broken English then audience will fled from such content. Writers, who are not familiar with the foreign people, cannot write the familiar content and as a result, such content will not be able to retain customers on it. Language is a main barrier.

Trust: You cannot trust the people who are in your contacts then how can you trust the people whom you have never met! While dealing with web marketing service, you actually never meet the person you are working with. They may be fraud as well. They never reveal their real identity. When you deal with foreign people, and ask them to work for you, you actually provide them your information that includes passwords and login details. So it is very difficult to determine that whether the person you are contacting is trustworthy or not.

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