Quick Steps To Do On Page SEO

Posted On:   4/10/2014

Are you a business owner? If yes, then it is obvious to look for steps to do on page search engine optimization for your site. It is important to optimize your site so that it can appear in the search engine result. Also, by doing so, you can tell the search engine robots about your site.


Ways of Optimizing your Website with On Page Optimization


Focused Content

It is very important to create a content which is unique and is relevant to your business. If you copy the content from other site then search engine will catch you and further it will penalized you.

Keywords in Web Address

It is a good practice to use keywords in the web address. Again, by doing so, search engines will easily identify your web address. So, make sure that web address of your site contains keywords which are explains your business.

Daily Blogging

Publish a blog to your website daily as it will let your audience to return back to your site which will increase your ranking in the search engine results. A website should contain blog.

Add Clickable Buttons

Add some graphics and videos in your site. Such visual effects will let the search engine to locate you quickly. Another best way of improving SEO is to add image tags. This will aid in improving your ranking in the Google Image Search. Include keyword in the image.

Keywords in Content

Use your keywords in your content but remember not to over use them. Keyword spamming or stuffing is not allowed. In the content of 500 words you can use one keyword 2 times. Further you can use synonyms of your keywords in the content.

Web Content

Do you know that what type of content Google Hummingbird likes? Content should be user as well as SEO friendly. It should answer the queries of the people. You can create a content that is categorized in the different heading. If you do so, your content can be easily found. So it is better to classify your website content.

Word Length of Content

Make sure that your site has a well researched and long content. New algorithm of Google likes long content instead of short one. So your site should contain articles that ate at least 1000 words not of 350 words.


About Meta Tags

Use good and direct keywords in the meta tags so that search engines can quickly come to know what your site is all about and thus can display in the search results. So use bold keywords.

Lastly, share your content on the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Linking with social media sites will bring a lot of traffic to your site. So follow these tips and apply it for your business.

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