Make use of Online URL Opener to do your SEO task

Posted On:   9/29/2013

Are you thinking of doing SEO for your new website? If yes than it is very important for you to know what kind of right tools are required that are being used by experts to optimize their site. Today the success stories of online businesses lies on SEO and internet marketing.

It includes several practices that one should follow while opting for marketing strategies. These are Online Marketing, Natural SEO, Pay per Click, Planning before doing SEO, Site Navigation, Adding a Sitemap. Businesses are totally dependent on Online Marketing. Probability of finding a customer increases 1000 times than any other source of marketing channel. In Natural SEO results are not shown quickly, it takes around 3-5 months. In this technique, web experts focus on keywords targeting particular page of their website. Time constraint is the major drawback in it. In pay per Click results are shown within 4-5 days. In PPC if you don’t pay the amount for the next month your website will not be shown. It is displayed on the side of search in the Google. Planning a website includes searching for the text that search engine reads. One should not include images for the headings instead of text and flash for the site creation as it cannot be read by the search engines. Next important point is Site Navigation. Search engine normally points to main page i.e. the index page of your site and if you are using the images in your navigation site, the search engine will not go deep and will skip the inner pages of your site. Site map will help search engine to find all the pages of your website. It contains text links that has link of all the pages within your site.





After considering all such things than comes the promotion. For doing promotions you need to do submissions across various sites that includes bookmarking, directory, blog posting, forum posting, press release, article submissions. To do all these you have to work simultaneously on multiple sites. Your lot of time is being wasted if you work individually on one site and you cannot paste URL one by one into the browser. To avoid such situation there is a tool which is specially made to solve the problem of copying and pasting of URL’s into the tab or separate window. Using this tool you will able to open multiple URL’s into separate tab. You can also register yourself on this free online tool which also allows you to see your previously entered URL’s. User can also make a count of URL’s which he wants to open. Other functionalities like safeguarding URL’s, making a list of your URL’s say you want to make separate list for bookmarking, directory, articles and so on. So you can achieve this thing with the help of creating list of URL’s. If someone has entered URL’s wrongly by mistake and don’t want to open that can be deleted one by one or by Remove all button.

This tool is a great time saver that helps you to do your submissions in a better and organized way thereby helping you to give good results in a short span of time.


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