Top Reasons Why You Should Use Google Analytics For Your Website

Posted On:   3/19/2014

Google Analytics is regarded as one of the best ways to see the performance of your website. If you use it, you will be able to know that where your site is leading and where it is lagging i.e. where your website is receiving traffic and where it is not. Further, you can use it to improve your website’s rank in the search engine. Here are some reasons to use the Google analytics for your site.

Keyword Ranking

As you have site, it is obvious to have keywords. By using Google analytics, you can determine what keywords are pumping high your site across the internet. You can watch the keywords that drive traffic to your website. Also, you can see on which page user land on, when they search their query and you can change the content of page on which users do not retain. It is very useful for the websites as it helps in monitoring the performance of the site.

Determining and Tracking

Do you know that you can watch which pages are bringing more traffic to your website and can check the performance of your website! You can determine that the endeavor you are making in your website are enough or not, i.e. are these tasks are helping you in improving your site ranking! Now the question is how you can measure it? It is simple, if your website receives 20 visits per day for any particular and there are 200 searches, then it is quite obvious that you have to keep working for improving you’re the amount of clicks.

Social Media Tracking

Adding social media profiles to your Google analytics account will make you to determine the visitors you get from the social networking sites. This is a great advantage of using Google analytics. By linking your profiles you can measure the effect of the content you share on the social sites, by the number of clicks which is brought to your website. Again, you can watch that if the numbers or clicks are high, you will get to know that your content was actually informative and valuable to viewers and if it is vice-versa, then you have to work in improving your content.

Custom Reports

If you install this package, you can have access to your data wherever you want. By using Google analytics, custom reports will make you to see your data in the way you actually want to see it. Also, it is getting better each day. Custom reports also help a client to increase the revenue. By adopting this feature of Google, viz. Google Analytics, you can go through every side and detail of your sites efforts.

This comes under SEO, which is a time consuming process. You have to keep patience to get good results. This is a best procedure to check your website. Just install the Google analytics code to each page of your site. So, do it fast and go on the path of improving your site, your performance and your revenues too.

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