Are Links Losing Value in the Google’s Ranking Algorithm

Posted On:   3/20/2014

If I ask this question from different SEO professionals then I will get two answers as some will say Yes and others will say No. Let us discuss on both.

Why some says No!

Many says links are growing in value as Google filters out the impact some links have and the value of the remaining links go up. When there will be no follow, social sharing, fear of linking out then the result will come out to be the greater challenge to earn editorial links for everyone.

Why some says Yes!

On the other side many says that links are a diminishing signal as much of the SEO task was based on the link building. Links were build by different strategies but due to changes in Google’s algorithm, links have lost value.

On Comparing

Links have always been a great way for SEO people to push up their sites for getting in the rankings and in getting traffic from search engine results. But what I and many high qualified SEOs says that you will see links in ranking system of Google for next decade.

There are many website owners and webmasters who are afraid of linking out. The thing which is bothering them is, if they link out or they link to something bad, and then if anything happens to that site they link out to, that can be something might happen to their website.

Now, as the time passes, it is becoming a big challenge to earn editorial links for everyone. But do you know that there is more value when you do earn such editorial links. It is really a feasible case.

On the other side, there are some SEO which do believe that links are diminishing signals as there are few elements in the ranking system and when you have such elements in the ranking system, you push new signals of usefulness, popularity, importance etc. Thus, links are losing.

What to do Now?

SEO can do few powerful things when they are in dilemma. Here are some

Do’s for SEO

1) Invest in marketing tactics or channels that provide value in different ways and earn links. This is an ideal for SEO.
2) Refocus energy expended on building all kinds of links onto getting those links that really matters.

Don’ts for SEO

1) Ignore the value of brand mentions, content, social, etc as they do not brings like to you directly.
2) Keep getting every link possible, especially the non editorials types.

I think many of us will agree that Google is actually a link based search engine and it still needs links for ranking website pages. But the main point is, after Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, every link is not going to promote your business. In fact, if Google does not like it, then it will harm you somehow. So, have a quality links and look more seriously at your links.

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