Benefits and SEO with Mobile Marketing

Posted On:   4/8/2014

Mobile Marketing is a kind of marketing which is done using mobile phones. This type of marketing helps in promoting goods and services. For the newbie, it can be useful. It is very easy and quick way to interact clients and customers. Mobile marketing can be performed using different tactics.

There are different methods of Mobile Marketing which are: SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia Message Service), App-Based Marketing, Push Notifications, Bluetooth and Infrared. As I said above that mobile marketing is done using smartphones; BlackBerry, Android and Apple Iphone has played a vital role in this regard. Most of the smartphone users use this special feature (mobile marketing) for their purpose and why not to use it! It is simple and fast.


Benefits of Using Mobile Marketing

Reach the target market: It helps in reaching to the targeted audience. As mobiles are owned by an individual so it contact directly to the different types of customers.

Familiar relationship: Because it is a two way communication, it builds friendly and strong relationships with the customers. It helps in improving customer relationship management.

Omnipresent: This property can have advantage as well as disadvantage as you can reach any time to your customer but it is an important factor to determine when to reach your customer and when to hold conversation. Interrupting them is not a good practice.

Instant results: Mobile users keep their phones with them, so they will immediately receive your push notifications or messages, when you sent it. If their mobile is turned off, they will receive your messages as soon as the mobile is turned on.

Easy to employ: It is such a platform which is very easy to implement. It is less expensive as compared to other techniques as sending images, videos or text messages is an easy task.

Mobile payment: It has easy mode of payment as users pay for the goods directly by using mobiles. Transactions are done easily and quickly which has made it a secured way of purchasing.

Location based services is it’s another advantage as it provide proximity data and contextual information. If you are planning to adopt this method, make sure that you do it in proper manners. It is cost effective, efficient and has a great future.


SEO Tips for Successful Mobile Marketing

Mobile Friendly and Responsive: Make sure that your website satisfies these two major points. Site that has long loading speed gives negative impact. Also, if the navigation is not quick then users, especially mobile users will not to land on your website. Avoid using large images, flash etc. Make it responsive so that the visitor can stay on it for long time.

Concise Content: To provide short and concise content should be your goal. Just remember that people only scan the content, and if they found it useful then they will read your content thoroughly. So it is good to provide user friendly content.

Use of Social Media: Include links of social media in your site to make your content sharable. By offering this, you make your customers to connect to you. They will be able to communicate with you and can ask queries or investigate about your services as well as products easily.

URL for Mobile and Desktop Sites: Keep your URL same for the mobile as well as desktop sites. Do not make your users to wait for redirect to load on the devices. If your site will have same URL, then users will be able to share the content which they find on your website through social sites.

Further use such keywords which work for mobile searches too. Follow these tips and move on to your work by keeping these wonderful tips in mind.

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